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Instagram: @DongWangSuperLover

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SoundCloud: DongWangSuperLover

TikTok: @DongWangSuperLover

Facebook: Dong Wang

Dong Wang Lee might have magical hands like Doctor Strange, chest muscles like Captain America, and a “hammer” like Thor… but he is NOT a superhero. He is a Super Lover. Genetically-engineered and trained by the top scientists of Taiwan, he was made to combat falling birth rates worldwide. He is a Weapon of Mass Seduction.

At 5’7” and 150 lbs, he ain’t the biggest alive, but he’s got a Prince’s Face, a Killer Body, Samurai Mind. He is fluent in English, conversational in Mandarin Chinese, and flirtatious in basic Spanish.

In addition to Magic Mike style dancing and stripping, Dong performs a whole sexy variety show: captivating songs, mesmerizing light shows, and his infamous “red flag dance”. He can provide an evening of entertainment for a variety of occasions, including bachelorette, birthday, girls night, and breakup parties.

For Dong, consent is of utmost importance. Before he begins every dance, he has a conversation about boundaries with the person he’s dancing for. This means that even the shyest or most conservative woman in your group can still enjoy an unforgettable performance from him.

Dong’s costumes are both classic and unique. As a designer in another life, he poured his creativity into each of his characters, adding fun touches to their costumes. He can be a Cowboy, SWAT Police, Firefighter, Military Commando, Doctor, or Ninja for you. He’s also open to special requests.

He is a true Leo sign who loves to entertain. When he became a stripper, he felt like he’d been unknowingly preparing his whole life for this career. He’ll dance for anyone who wants to have a good time. He’ll dance for men too (just no touching allowed)!

“Dong Wang” means “Movement King”. Dong approaches Movement as both an Art and a Science. As an Art, he is always observing and playing with new movements to add to his dance arsenal. As a Science, he is always learning and exploring how the body works. This is why you will get the best dances and massages from him.

If you book Dong Wang now, he will bring a literal menu of “desserts” (AKA performances) to your party, for you and your guests. With customizable “toppings” (AKA consent boundaries), everyone can have a tasty treat, and end their evening with a heart filled with love. Super love.